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    Smile Out of coffee

    Hi everybody,

    does anyone know what this expression "to get somebody out of coffe" is supposed to mean?

    (Source: Lyrics)

    Did you tell him? No, no, no
    Give him kisses? No, no, no
    Whisper honey? No, no, no
    You're god delicious? Hell no!

    Were you dancing? No, no, no
    Sweet as toffee? No, no, no
    Get his number? No, no, no
    Get him out of coffee? Hell yeah!

    Many thanks in advance! :)

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    Re: Out of coffee

    I found the lyrics on the internet, and the verse actually goes:

    "Did you get him out for coffee?"

    The question is whether or not the singer got the guy to go out with them to get coffee. Getting coffee can be the first step when dating, since it isn't too serious and can be a chance to get to know someone better as opposed to taking them on a formal date.

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    Smile Re: Out of coffee

    Oh^^, if I only had known the lyrics I found in the internet were just wrong and that it must be "out FOR a coffee", then I wouldn't have asked^^. Because I know what that means

    But nevertheless, thanks for helping

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    Re: Out of coffee

    I figured you'd know. I thought I'd post the explanation just in case.

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    Re: Out of coffee

    Quote Originally Posted by Roman1989 View Post
    Get him out of coffee? Hell yeah!
    Of coruse, a little mistake happened here and it shoud be "get him out for coffee" which means to invite someone to a coffee shop or a place where the two people could have a cup of coffee.
    But the mistake is very interesting because it gives the expression the whole new sense. To be out of coffee means that peolpe don't have any more coffee in the house. Actually they say, "to run out of coffee".
    Perhaps you would be interested to know that too...
    And I like the lyrics!

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