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    how aboout my resume? could u give me some suggestion?

    Personal Information
    Full name: Wong Pei
    English name: Chanel
    Gender: Female
    Place of Birth: Shanghai, China
    Date of Birth: 16 May 1982
    Means of Communication: Home Telephone: 021-64668184
    Mobil Phone: 13817566092
    Address: Room 504 Building A No.555 Nan Chang Road Shanghai 200031
    l 2000-2005 Bachelor Degree of Economics, International Economics and Trade, Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China.
    l 1997-2000 Fu Dan Senior High School, outstanding League branch Secretary.
    Work Experience
    l 2002 Summer Vacation Administrative Assistant, YanZhong Ltd. Company Vehicle Accessories, Shanghai. Managing sales documents and files, providing quality after-sales service.
    l October 2002 Volunteer for the social whip-round, YinXin Cultural Co. Ltd.
    Summary of Qualifications
    l Native Chinese Speaker, fluent in Mandarin and Shanghainese. Excellent English with proficiency in listening, speakingŁ¬reading, and writing.
    Relevant certificates:
    1.July 2003 Certificate IV in English Studies-SILC Program issued by Insearch of University of Technology, Sydney
    2.March 2003 Certificate for State College English Test ¨C Level 6
    3September 2002 Passed the written exams of English Middle-level Accredited Interpreter Certificate
    3.March 2002 Certificate for State College English Test ¨CLevel 4
    l Skillful in computer operation, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
    l Ability to write commercial plan and business report both in English and Chinese independently. Included < The Comparisons of Securities Trading Online Between China and Foreign Countries >. <Marketing plan Report>.
    l Confident and conscientious. Easily adjust to the new environment and handled with interpersonal relationship.
    l Perfect communication skills and organizational skills.
    l Patient and great endurance.
    Self Recommendation
    I am a bright, cheerful and lively girl, and willing to accept the challenge under the new environment very much. I can bear hardships and do everything with patience and conscientiousness. Also good communication, language ability is available. I can treat others quite well with affinity. I would like to adjust myself to adapt to the development under the new environment.

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    Means of Communication: Home Telephone: 021-64668184

    I'd delete 'Means of Communication'- it's unnecessary as most people know what a phone is. 'Contact Details' might be the phrase you're looking for.

    PS- I wouldn't use the word 'girl' in a resume.

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