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    Question Advertisement space supplier and purchaser

    Hi - are there two separate words to distinguish between a generic *supplier* of ad-space and a *buyer* of ad-space wishing to use that space for advertising its own products, without making the text sound rambling (i.e. without resorting to references such as "the ad-space-supplier")? From what I've seen, the English language seems to ignore the fact that advertisement providers often rely on advertisement *space* providers, who are both referred to as "advertisers".

    In my business report, I need to distinctly refer to these two generic groups clearly and, above all, concisely - you can see my dilemma.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Advertisement space supplier and purchaser

    Not a teacher.

    You could call the supplier the "lessor," which means someone who grants a lease to someone else (like billboard space). You will probably need to define the term "lessor" in the beginning, since it is generic, but then you can call the sellers of advertisement space lessors for the rest of your report.

    The buyer of the space could be the "lessee." You could also refer to this person or organization as the "advertiser".

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