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    cover letter and resume

    Tracy Pan

    Room602 No.22 25 GuoQuanhou Road
    Shanghai, China
    Mobile phone: 13918686077

    October 17, 2004

    Human Resource Department
    Alcatel Shanghai Bell Corporation, Limited

    Shanghai, China

    Dear Sirs,

    I was very interested by the vacancy of a financial analysis you advertised in . I have been seeking just such an opportunity as this, and I think my background and your requirements may be a good match.

    I presently major in international economy and trade in Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce, Shanghai University. In our institute, English is one of the most important courses, and economy is another critical course as my major.

    After four years study, I have a good command in the following matters:

    l Writing an business report
    l Business communication
    l Oral and written English
    l The fundamental knowledge of economy

    Additionally, I was greatly interested in the accounting, therefore I have learnt accounting of CPA after class. Through the hard working in accounting, I have a deeply understanding in it.

    l Knowing the framework of financial statements
    l Preparing the financial statements
    l Dealing with daily accounting book

    Besides the abilities having been mentioned, I have been honored the first level of scholarship in Shanghai University in 2004 semester, which is a good proof for my good performance in school. Presently I have become the marketing director of the students’ installation center in our institute to keep contact between outside companies and our institute.

    I will be confident in competent as a financial analysis. My ability could meet the requirements as you mentioned in the web. Please consider what I have to offer. I would be happy to a preliminary discussion with members of your committee to see if we can establish a mutual interest.

    Thank you for your attention to these materials. I certainly look forward to exploring the further.

    Sincerely yours,

    Tracy Pan

    Personal Information
    Full name: Yuan Pan
    English name: Tracy
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: October 25 1982
    Means of Communication: Home Telephone: 65655623
    Mobil Phone: 13918686077
    Relevant certificates: CET-6;
    Shanghai ability of computer application—middle level

    Educational Qualification
    2000-present Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce, Shanghai University
    Bachelor Degree of Economics
    2000-2003 University of Technology. Sydney
    Diploma of International Trade
    2003-2004 Honored the first level scholarship of Shanghai University

    May-July, 2002 Computer Institute Shanghai University
    Shanghai ability of computer application--middle level training
    February-August, 2004 Finance management Institute Shanghai Finance University
    Certified Public Accontant (accounting) training

    Work Experience
    June-August , 2002 Hongkou Football Stadium & Luxun Park Joint Development Group
    Major Experience: 1. Responded to client requitements in person and by telephone
    2. Files management
    June-August, 2004 Worked as the volunteer in the Center for China Shanghai
    International Arts Festival
    Major Experience: 1. English Translation
    2. Investigation in Media (television, movie, music, cartoons)
    Personal Strengths
    l Excellent English with proficiency in listening, speaking,reading, and writing.
    l Skillful in computer operation:
    1. Windows Operation
    2. Skillful in MS Office
    3. Skillful in database software Visual Foxpro
    4. Making HTML software Dreamweaver, Firework, Flash

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    financial analysis

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