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Thread: "want to go"

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    Question "want to go"

    Hello there !

    I'm a brand new member, and my very first question is not as simple as it seems. My english is quite good, but I need to improve because my new boyfriend is british .

    This is what he wrote me : "I'll be off at 14 pm, after that, want to go !".

    What is the meaning of this expression "want to go" when no intention is announced ? (such as "I want to go to see a movie" which is very clear to me).

    Thank you in advance for your help. Have a nice day everybody

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    Re: "want to go"

    Welcome to the forums.

    He is being very informal in expression. He could either mean it is as a question: "Want to go [party/to the cinema/out for a walk]?" or as "I want to get out of here".

    I suggest you ask him to explain if he writes something that is obscure. Tell him you need to learn and he can help.

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    Re: "want to go"

    Well, my first idea was to translate it as "we'll see" or "I don't know", and I asked him to explain, but he's very busy today so I'm still waiting for an answer !

    Anyway, I'll let you know what he really meant. We are here to learn, aren't we ?

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