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    Please, correction

    1-the man who ( who-whose-whom-where)i met yesterday , lent me some mony.

    2-ashraf who ( whom-which-who-whose) wife is ill ,cannot come to the party .

    3- this is the car whose (whom-whose-who-which)i use every day yesterday.

    4-where is the hat which (which-whose-whom -who)gets high salary.

    5- here is the chair which (which-whose-whom)is worth l70.

    6- mary is good typist who (whom-which-where-who)gets high salary.

    7-mary is good typist whose (which-who-whose- whom)the managerhas great faith in.

    8- the horse which (which-who-whom-whose)i selected won the race .

    9-put in on this table which (which- whom-whose-where)is conveniently close.

    10-her husband whom (which-who-whom-whose)is older than she,is abank manager.

    11-the eldest son who (who-which-whom-whose)work is in the army ,is tewenty four.

    12-the eldest son who (which-whose-who-whom)is in the army is tewenty four.

    13-i want to borrow astory which (who-whom-whose-which)is not to long.

    14-all that (which-whom-who -that)i have ,is years..

    15-this is the best that (who-that-whose-whom)i can do for for you.

    16-this is definitely the place where (when-where-why-whose) i lived.

    17-do you rememberthe time when (when-where-whose-why)we got lost?

    18-there must be agood reason, why (why-when-where-whose)he was late.

    19-they are building ahospital in the street , where (when-where-why-whose)we live.

    20-hisham is the one who (who-whom-where-whose)car yoy borrowed?

    21-can you give me any reason why ( why-when-where-whose)i should help you ?

    22- nagi is the one who (who-whose-where-which)desk is next to mine.
    23-this is the neighborhood which (when--why-where-which)i spent most of my childhood.

    24-the reason which (when- why -where-which)engy can't come to your party is that she has to stady for her exames.

    25-the little corner shop which(when -why-where-which)i used to buy my groceriesis now a huge supermarket.

    26what is the reason which(why_when-where-which)adel didn't comeschool today?

    27- samy didn't realize that the restaurant where (why-when-which-where)we ate last night was your father 's.

    28-do you remember the day when (why-when-which-whose)we first met?

    29-engy didn't explain why (why-when-which-whose)she didn't attend the meeting .

    30-that's the island where (where-when-which-whose)they discovered the ancient city .

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    Re: Please, correction

    Quote Originally Posted by lineofhope View Post
    1-The man who ( who-whose-whom-where) I met yesterday , lent me some money. who - subject; whom - object

    2-Ashraf who ( whom-which-who-whose) wife is ill ,cannot come to the party . requires a possessive

    3- This is the car whose (whom-whose-who-which) I use every day yesterday. Cars are not humans.

    4-Where is the hat which (which-whose-whom -who)gets high salary.correct, but how can a hat get a high salary? Do you mean "Where is the hat which costs most?"

    7-Mary is a good typist whose (which-who-whose- whom)the manager has great faith in.

    10-Her husband, whom (which-who-whom-whose)is older than she, is a bank manager. What is the subject of the sub-clause?

    11-The eldest son, who (who-which-whom-whose)work is in the army ,is twenty four. whose work is in the army OR who is in the army

    20-Hisham is the one who (who-whom-where-whose) car yoy borrowed? possessive required

    22- Nagi is the one who (who-whose-where-which)desk is next to mine.possessive required
    23-This is the neighborhood which (when--why-where-which) I spent most of my childhood.

    24-The reason which (when- why -where-which)Engy can't come to your party is that she has to study for her exams. reason

    25-The little corner shop which(when -why-where-which) I used to buy my groceries is now a huge supermarket. place

    26What is the reason which(why_when-where-which) Adel didn't come school today? reason

    All the others were correct.

    Please note: The first word in a sentence and proper names take a capital letter.

    The personal pronoun "I" is always capitalized.

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    Re: Please, correction

    thanks for your note :)

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