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    your comments were wrong

    Can you help me to express the following sentences more naturally? It is a letter to an editor to express my dissatisfation with his review of XX restaurnat.

    1. I read your review of XX restaurant and I found some of your comments were wrong compared to my experience in that restaurant.

    2. Your comments which caused by your misunderstanding cause damage the restaurant.

    3. YOu carried wrotong information about the restaurnat and I hope you correct your comments and reprint it in your paper again.

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    Exclamation Re: your comments were wrong

    I read your review on XX restaurant and found some of your comments to be far from truth (were wrong compared to my) as I have a long lasting experience with that restaurant.

    2. Certain remarks/comments by you are without any basis and seem to be ill-conceived. Consequently, this has caused a lot of damage to the restaurant.

    3. You have carried misleading (wrotong) information about the restaurant and I do hope that you would correct your comments and reprint it in your paper again.

    Delete words in brackets. It would have been better, if some of the comments are countered with facts

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