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    exchanging looks

    "He exchanged dark looks with his wife"
    What does the above sentence mean?
    Can anyone please explain it to me with some examples?

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    Re: exchanging looks

    "Exchanging dark looks" is a form of silent communication (usually involving shared bad news) between two people.

    One example: Mr. and Mrs. Smith are good friends with Mr. and Mrs. Jones. The Smiths have known for some time that Mr. Jones has been having an extra-marital affair, but they haven't said anything and have maintained their friendship with both of the Joneses. One evening Mr. Jones is very late coming home from work, and Mrs. Jones is worried; she cries to Mrs. Smith "Do you think he could be seeing another woman?" Mr. and Mrs. Smith might exchange a dark look at this point; it is a look that says they are in possession of some very devestating knowledge but they are hesitant to say anything to Mrs. Jones.

    Another example: Mr. and Mrs. Green receive a telephone call from the police telling them that their teenaged son and his friend had been involved in a serious car accident and were now at the City Hospital. They rush down to hospital where a doctor assures them that their son is injured, but will ultimately be OK. He then adds that the passenger, John Brown, died from his injuries. The doctor leaves and Mr. and Mrs. Brown rush into the emergency waiting room. Spying the Greens, they ask "Have you heard anything? What's going on?" Mr. and Mrs. Green exchange a dark look and then Mr. Green says gently, "They haven't told us anything yet."


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