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Thread: Each and Every

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    Each and Every

    Which one is correct?

    1. Every of the three boys got a prize.
    2. Each of the three boys got a prize.

    According to M. Swan's Practical English Usage, each is used for two or more and every is used for three or more. No 1 conforms to this rule but to me No 2 sounds good. I am confused.

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    Re: Each and Every

    'every' is followed immediately by a singular noun, not a preposition.
    It is used to refer to all the individual members of a group without exception : "The hotel assures every guest of personal attention.
    "Every child of school age must be vaccinated before the first day of term."

    • used before an amount to indicate something happening at specified intervals : "Tours are every thirty minutes."
    "He had every third week off."


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