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Thread: please help

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    please help

    I had a TOEFL test last year, actually I'm not satisfied with the marks I got and I'm thinking of doing the test again.
    I have one month to work on my english
    please can you give me some advices to get good marks.


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    Re: please help

    You know there are many skills for the TOEFL. I will try to talk about writing tips here.

    Notice that in writing we may commit mistakes though we are sure that what we write is not only correct but is also used by native speakers of English.

    To make sure you do not commit these mistakes in writing, I suggest you check older books of TOEFL. Consider for example the following:

    It is me who did that.

    According to TOEFL, the above sentence is incorrect and you have to say: It is I who did that.

    There are of course other things to take into consideration in writing and also in other skills but could you please indicate the areas of teh problems that you had? Reading, Speaking, Writing, or Listening?


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