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    many cartoons reference dust bunnies, haunt them

    Dust bunnies are frequently a source of amusement by making out that they are actual living creatures formed of dust, attested to by the many websites on the care and feeding of dust bunnies.[2] Many cartoons reference dust bunnies, and parents often give tongue-in-cheek warnings to their children that dust bunnies will haunt them if they do not clean their rooms, not unlike Santa Claus giving lumps of coal to naughty children.

    Could you explain to me the emboldened parts? I know the meaning of individual word's meaning of the emboldened parts but I cannot understand altogether.

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    Re: many cartoons reference dust bunnies, haunt them

    Many cartoons reference dust bunnies >> Many cartons contain references to dust bunnies or use dust bunnies as a source for their humour.

    dust bunnies will haunt them >> just as a ghost can haunt someone.


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