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Thread: two doubts

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    two doubts

    1. Sitting in the home vs Sitting at the home.. which one is correct? what does each sentence mean? Suddenly today i got this confusion.

    2. He is tested vs He was tested--- tested is in past form right? in what scenarios should we use which sentence?

    Please help me clear these doubts..


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    Re: two doubts

    1. The most widely accepted form is without doubt " to be sitting at home". No definite article must be used.
    Nonetheless it is frequent to hear some speakers say "I am sitting home" whereby they omit the preposition "at". The same thing also happens in cliches like "to go home" or "to be back home"

    2. I didn't quite get the drift of the context. I mean, "he is tested" as to what? If you could be more specific about the context I would be able to aid you without much ado.

    All best.

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    Re: two doubts


    "Sitting in the home" is right, it means you are in the home, sitting. E.g. A: Where is she? Q: Sitting in the home. It is not“Sitting at the home"but "sitting at home"which means doing nothing in the home. E.g. A: Do you have a plan for the weekend? Q: No, just sitting at home.

    Tested is the past tense and past participle of test. The first action happens in the present time, as in "He is tested (today).", and the second action happened in the past time, as in"He was tested (yesterday).".

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    Re: two doubts

    I am sorry for you but you are mistaken. To be sitting in the home is spurious. It is regarded ungrammatical.
    Trust me.
    The only widely accepted forms are : "to be sitting home" and "to be sitting at home".

    hope that helps.

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