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Thread: Drow...drower!

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    I checked the dictionary for the transcriptions of these two words, but it was the same!
    I do believe that drower should end with "Shwa", am I right? :wink:

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    They aren't in my dictionary, Latoof. Do you mean 'draw', 'drawer'?

    If so, AmE is rhotic, so the latter is ending is pronounced /-(ə)r/, that is with a terminal 'r' sound, with or without the schwa before it (Southern dialect, however, is an exception, although it is more an /a/ than an /ə/).

    I will leave BrE to a Brit member-- I don't know whether the terminal 'r' is pronounced or not there.

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    To me, both draw and drawer sound the same. ;)

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    Yes I meant draw and drawer.
    I am sorry for this mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shane
    To me, both draw and drawer sound the same. ;)
    Can you tell me in what way; I mean do both have the same ending?

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    I asked my Phonotics Prof. and he said that it must has a shwa as he know. He went to ask his collegues who were British, Ame, Aust... and he got a conclusion that they can be pronounced the same with the different speakers accent; either he is Bri. or Ame...


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