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    Killing the message


    What dose phrase "killing the message" mean??

    If some one told my you killing the message?
    what is it mean?


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    Re: Killing the message

    If you kill the message, you try to stop something becoming known or stop people accepting or believing it.

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    Re: Killing the message

    The phrase "killing the message" in reference to the obstruction of information might be used in some circumstances, but is much less likely than the common English idiom,"killing the messenger." To "kill the messenger" is to hold the bearer of bad news directly responsible for the news, or "message." When someone says to you, "Don't kill the messenger," you're probably not going to like what you hear next. A more literal translation might be,"what I am telling you is not my fault."

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    Re: Killing the message

    Maybe its mean that you interrupt me

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