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    Smile "Ludic" as a noun


    I'm translating a text from Portuguese into English and I have the following situation: the adjective "Ludic" is used as a noun. Can I do the same in English? Can I say, for example,
    Or should I necessarily insert a noun, such as "the ludic element"?

    Thank you very much :)

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    Re: "Ludic" as a noun

    It's not a well known word, even as an adjective. I'd find another word entirely, depending on what your main thesis is. If you have to stick with it, then you should keep the article to show your rather irregular conversion of an ajective to a noun.

    Anyone else have another suggestion here?

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    Re: "Ludic" as a noun

    Thank you, jlinger

    I completely agree with you. Just needed confirmation.

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    Re: "Ludic" as a noun

    What about "Playfulness" or "Relaxation"?

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