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    leader in classical music

    If you see any problems in the following sentences, can I have your comments?

    1. She is a young pianist and regarded as a new leader in classical music.

    2.she visits many countries for her recitals.( or concerts)

    3.Her experience in many countries is reflected in her play of piano.

    4.She plays the piano creatively based on her experience.

    5.She playes a variety of music from Baroque and Modern music and whenever she plays concerts .

    6. Even though she plays the same piano piece, she always plays differently depending on her feelings.

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    Re: leader in classical music

    Sentence 2 requires an initial capital (She).
    Sentence 3 requires a gerund: reflected in her playing /or/ reflected in her piano playing.
    Sentence 5 is a bit confusing. Drop the "and" and it will make more sense, I think. There's also a redundant "music" and "plays" [one of them misspelled] in there. Perhaps rephrase it as Her concerts include a variety of Baroque and Modern music.
    Sentence 6 is all right, but might make more sense as "Even when she plays...." It is clear that any concert pianist would play the same piece many times, so to have said, "Even though she plays..." suggests that typically, playing a piece repeatedly is unusual, which it is not.

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