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    enrolled into five classes at a community college

    n 1997, I abruptly left an extremely violent and abusive 10-year relationship. My children were 14, 11, 8, and 6. Because I had such a large family, there was no room for us at any of the shelters. Therefore, for 6 months, my children and I slept at a different home every night. To insure our safety, I had to quit my job where I worked for 14 years. We were living on my social security income that I was receiving from my late husband, who was the father of my first two children.

    Finally, with the grace of God, I was able to get us an apartment. It was then, when I decided to start my life all over again. I enrolled into five classes at a community college. I was blessed to find another job as a part time employee.

    Could you explain the emboldened parts to me? ( Also tell me what "five classes" and "community college" means here?

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    Re: enrolled into five classes at a community college

    The classes, here, are study units. A class in English, one in History, that would be two classes.

    Community Colleges are generally smaller places of education, post secondary (after high school) attended by those who prefer to learn a trade, often, rather than, say, a PhD (a doctorate degree). Many students at community colleges will be adults taking just one course (class) at a time, say, in Japanese. They don't expect a degree or a diploma, they simply want to learn that particular subject.

    It is generally easier to gain admission to a Community College; they have lower minimum standards of admission because they are dedicated to serving the immediate community. One would not often go far to attend a Community College.

    In Canada, colleges (community and otherwise) grant "diplomas" and universities grant "degrees" at the end of a structured program.

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