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    sevem-car pile up, when adding formula and diapers

    Finally, with the grace of God, I was able to get us an apartment. It was then, when I decided to start my life all over again. I enrolled into five classes at a community college. I was blessed to find another job as a part time employee.

    Two months later, my sister was in a horrible seven-car pile up on the expressway. She was charged with reckless homicide and had to serve time in jail. I felt obligated to take in my two nieces age, six weeks, and three years old.

    I was already having a difficult time feeding my four kids and now I had six kids to feed, clothe, and nurture, with one of them being a newborn. As you know, having a newborn is expensive when adding formula and diapers to your budget.

    Please explain the emboldened parts to me.

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    Re: sevem-car pile up, when adding formula and diapers

    The horrible seven-car pileup was an automobile accident involving seven cars (all coliding with one another but not necessarily piled on top of one another!). It was awful, horrible, probably because it is suspected that someone lost their life.

    Formula and diapers are for infants. Formula is a pre-mixed liquid beverage that is fed to infants after or during the period of breastfeeding (or instead of breastfeeding). Diapers are the cloths that are typically pinned or snapped for easy changing / removal when soild by the baby. Diapers are nowadays often disposable: pull them off and flush them. Traditionally they were very absorbent cloth that you needed to launder. So now, diapers are a significant expense (budget item) as you need to keep buying new ones.


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