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    How To Pass Toefl Exam?

    Dear All,

    In My Country There Is The Amideast Institute (american). It
    Will Start The Fulbright Program In May 2009. Through Which One Can Make His Master Degree In The Us.

    Now I Have Approx. 7 Months To Make Toefl Exam... In This

    Please Advice Me How To Utilize This Pereod Of Time In Preparing
    To Pass The Exam And Go For Studing In The Us.

    Here Is Arfeen From Yemen Republic

    Thanks In Advance
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    Re: How To Pass Toefl Exam?

    Get a teacher, buy a book for self preparation and work at home as well, Barron's is good and work on your English as hard as you can. Listen to BBC over the internet, do some test from TOEFL website and other websites. It's key to do nas many tests as you can, hence you should get the book for TOEFL.

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