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    Introducing Latin alphabet

    Would like to find resources/ideas on teaching the Latin alphabet to students not familiar with it - e.g. beginning Chinese or Korean ESLstudents.

    Roger Frost

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    Re: Introducing Latin alphabet

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    Re: Introducing Latin alphabet

    I help a lot of Chinese/Korean/Japanese people learn the English alphabet as I am ethnically Oriental ^^.

    One thing I would suggest for these people is to not focus for TOO long on individual letters. Instead, focus on syllables.

    As Korean, Chinese and Japanese are syllabic languages, the concept of single letters is sometimes hard to grasp.

    So once you have shown them the latin alphabet, show them syllable combinations to better teach them.

    For example, when learning japanese, japanese people learn
    "a i u e o, ka ki ku ke ko, etc etc"

    So I show them "ka, ki, ku, ke, ko" so they can associate different letters as parts of syllables.

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