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  1. Lil Umaña Santamaría

    Question Gerund or Infinitive?


    I teach English as "Free Lance".
    I haven't finish my English Degree yet.
    I don't know or don't remenber the rules for using gerund or infinitive.

    I have one of the Quizz (from, I did it myself, didn't have any trouble, but in order to eplain to my students I need your precious help.

    Thanks a lot, in advance.


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    Re: Gerund or Infinitive?

    The gerund, or -ing, form of a verb acts as a noun.
    "Writing is easy" "I like his writing"
    In the following sentence, the present participle is "reading"; the gerund is "writing".
    "I enjoy reading his writing"
    If there's a rule, then it's if the word acts as a noun, it's a gerund.

    The infinitive is the verb with "to" in front, and also serves as a noun.
    "I like to write."
    Except in rhetorical use ("To be or not to be...") infiintives usually follow another auxilliary or action verb.

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