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    make up


    I was wondering if someone could take a look for me at this phase: make up. I look it up in the dictionary, but I still do not understand what it means in this context. ?

    Thanks for your helpl

    Tony: Professor Park, I have a problem. My father had to have surgery, and I have to go to Chicago. I don't know how long I'll be gone. I was wondering if I could take an Incomplete for your class.
    Professor Park: I'm sorry to hear about your father. Of course you can take a grade of Incomplete. It means you would have six weeks to make up the term paper and the final exam. There is also a form that you need to fill out that I have to sign.
    Tony: I've got the form right here.
    Professor Park: Oh, then why don't we take care of it right now?

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    Re: make up

    'to compensate for a lack or absence'; Tony can take the grade 'Incomplete' (because he has to take time off in term-time, and will miss two elements required for his qualification). He then has six weeks during which he can do what is necessary to 'make up for' his absence; his qualification is Incomplete, and he will make it up to Complete.


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