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    rather than

    Dear teachers,

    Please read the sentence:

    He prefers to live iwth his mother rather than_________ her alone.
    a. to leave b. leave
    The key is "b". Could you please kindly explain why "a" isn't correct? I think "to leave" should parallel with "to live". Is that right?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance.


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    Smile Re: rather than

    i think a true

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    Re: rather than

    Just a student.
    Perhaps both formats are possible. I've found many examples for "rather than" and "rather than to" on COCA. Check it out:
    The banks may choose to accommodate him rather than to force him into bankruptcy.
    The world's powers are apparently agreed now to enforce the embargo rather than to launch a military invasion.
    At last she decided to move to Marbella rather than to any large, cosmopolitan center.

    You can find more examples on Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA).
    Just a student.


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