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    speaking classes - kids 11 yr old

    Hi everyone!
    I have a small problem..well maybe not that small.
    I was asked to have one-to-one conversation/speaking classes with a 11 year old kid, and to be honest I have no idea how to do it. I've never done one2one speaking lessons before, Could anyone give me some clues, please?
    I would really appreciate any help


    take care

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    Re: speaking classes - kids 11 yr old

    Well, it all depends on the level of proficiency, personal goals, time frame, willingness and problem areas of the child. In general my approach would be to work on the weaknesses - one at a time, incorporate pictures, real objects, cd's, music, role-play, maybe some games (like: say a word that starts with the last letter (or sound) of my word) and conversations - discussions as close to the child's interests and personal experiences as possible (provide some examples of the sentences that could be used to start and finish, f.ex. In my opinion...., I agree...., I believe, etc; helping questions (or ask them along), key vocabulary). You might also use a graphic organizer or partially blank dialogs (just to aide speaking).....Smile, be energetic and prise a lot for accomplishments .
    I hope it helps, however, I have to explain, that I teach kids in American schools. My ESL experience regards adults.
    Good luck!

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