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  1. wdphilli

    Unhappy topic cant think of one

    my teacher wants us to write about any topic we want. for class on friday she wants use to have thesis and a body paragraph on a topic of our choice and i have no idea what to do it on

    also we have a essay due on stereotypes and i want to pick a good easy stereotype and i dont know where to start

    please help

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    Re: topic cant think of one

    You can write on any topic of your choosing and you can't think of anything?? My goodness. Turn off the Xbox and use your imagination. Look to your every day life for inspiration. Do you prefer to eat home cooking, microwavable stuff or carry-out food? Why? What's your favorite TV show? What TV commercials do you find totally lame and why?

    You don't mention your age or location, so I don't know what kind of stereotypes you might write about. How about skateboard dudes? Why do most people think they're rowdy and rude and not-too bright? Or overweight people? How they're immediately perceived as being lazy and having no will-power.

    Again, just take five minutes or so and actually let your mind wander - use your brain, or you'll lose it!

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    Re: Cant Chose A Topic Sentence

    Quote Originally Posted by wdphilli View Post
    For Class On Friday I Am Supose To Bring A Thesis And A Bodya Paragraph Of A Topic Of My Chose But Cant Think Of On

    Then We Have A Essay Due On Stereotypes And I Wanted To Pick On Stereotype Is Easy And Good. We Have To Do The Capare And Contrast

    Please Help
    Welcome to the forums.

    First point - only use a capital letter for the first word in a sentence, proper names and the personal pronoun "I".

    For your topic, how about your childhood, or the house you live in, or the cars you like. The possibilities are endless, but it has to be your decision.

    As to stereotypes, can you say what a stererotype is?

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