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    Already + Present Perfect/Simple

    Hi guys!

    I have a question for you. I know when we use P. Perfect and when we use P. Simple but... could you tell me when we use it with already?

    What's the difference beetwen:

    I've already blew up the candles.
    I already blew up the candles.

    And which one is correct? I think the first one because there's no "yesterday" etc in the senteces but I'm not sure if it does make any grammatical sense.

    BTW: I know I ask you a lot of questions but I really want to learn english...

    EDIT: Ups, there's an error in the topic name. It should be "Past Simple" :)

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    Re: Already + Present Perfect/Simple

    Hmm. A lot of explosive power for simple candles?

    We tend to blow out candles. To blow them up would involve dynomite.

    The "already" is here simply thrust into the sentence for emphasis.

    You mother says, "Wash the dishes before you go out!" You respond, "I already have washed the dishes, Mom! Stop nagging!"

    You really mean to say, "I washed the dishes, Mom, but thanks for reminding me. Can I get you anything while I'm out?"

    They mean the same thing. The one is just more emphatic. And, when spoken, the petulant teenager would probably put emphasis on each word: "I already have washed the dishes."

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