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    go off course


    What does "go off course" mean in this context? Does it just mean " Young bats leave / change their regular flight direction" ?

    Thanks for your help.

    The officer is discussing bats.

    Public health officer: Now that the warmer weather and longer days are here, we aren't the only ones spending more time outdoors. This is an active time for bats as well. Migratory bats are now returning to the area, and young bats are starting to explore their environment. Young bats go off course, and this is when most people come into contact with them. Bats are a normal part of our environment and can even be a good thing. Bats help keep down the insect population, especially mosquitoes. ... ...

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    Re: go off course

    Young bats are still learning how to use their sonars and how to place themselves in their surroundings. They [like all young things] can go off course when they do not fully understand the signals.


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