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    weak rupee, open the bubbly

    There's not much good news on the currency front that will hover around Rs 45 to Rs 47 to a dollar. This brings us to the question, is a weak rupee good or bad for our economy? Exporters will open the bubbly as a weaker rupee makes their products cheaper in the world market.
    But if you happen to think of going to study abroad, you are likely to see an increase in your expenses in rupee terms. Indian travellers, too, will have to exchange more rupees to buy dollars when they go abroad.

    Please explain the emboldened parts to me.

    For a side note : "I know what rupee means" but I don't know what they mean by "weak rupee".

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    Re: weak rupee, open the bubbly

    on the currency front >> in this context, "front" means a particular area f activity [currency dealing]

    A weak rupee is a rupee that is not worth much against other currencies, particularly the dollar, the pound sterling or the euro.

    open the bubbly >> celebrate ["bubbly" = champagne.]

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