View Poll Results: What should be written, correctly, when we move from an old building to a new place?

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    Question We are moved? We have moved? or We moved?

    I have been seeing lot of notices and confusing about the gammer usage (tenses)
    'We are moved', 'We have moved' or 'We moved'?

    I can understand the second and third one but first,
    is there a tenses form 'Subject+be+past participle' like 'We are moved'?

    If so, what is the usage or correct method that we should follow when apply it in making a correct and complete english sentence?

    Thanks in advance for enlightening me.

    Good day, everyone!

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    Re: We are moved? We have moved? or We moved?

    For me it depends on the time that you say or write it. If you are informing someone, 'have moved' works best, but if your are talking about an event further back in time the simple past works (We moved out here three years ago). The 'are moved' form doesn't work for me.

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