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    ability and capacity, funding and fund, probe on, participate

    Dear teachers,

    I have four quesitons to ask:

    The __________ to persuade individuals to believe you.
    a. ability b. capacity
    The key is "a". No problem. Could you please explain why "b" isn't correct?

    You need to convince the board why a project needs more funding.
    My question is: why "funding" instead of "fund" is used here.

    Even firefighters have to ___________ a series of in-depth interviews in which they are probed on why they should be selected.
    a. go through b. participate in
    I have two questions here:
    No.1 The key is "a". No problem. Could you please explain if "b" is possible?
    No.2 I know the phrase "probe into/in/for" . Is ''probe on'' correct?

    The most common __________ of selling today may be simply fingding a job.
    a. form b.way
    The key is "a". Since there is no explanation I don't know why "a" is corect and I don't know what's wrong with "b". Please explain them to me.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: ability and capacity, funding and fund, probe on, participate

    1. I agree with you. I see no reason to deny "capacity" a proper seat in that sentence. One of its definitions is the ability to perform a task.

    2. Fund would be wrong. A fund is set amount of money. You could say, "the project needs a fund" but it would sill be awkward. Funds might work, but it means money, usually once, a windfall, a bequest, or proceeds from a fundraising event. Funding, however, suggests a continuing, regular receipt of funds. Or, it is enough all at one time to complete the entire project.

    3a. The firefighters could participate in the interview, but since they are actually the subject of the interview, the are thought to be "going through it" as if it were some sort of test or trial (which it probably is), rather than "participating" which suggests they would have input into the questions, etc., raised in the interview process.

    3b. The probe used here does not require a preposition. It is not part of the on that follows. Read it more with a pause after the word probe. "They are probed, on why...." [That is not to suggest a comma is correct; I only suggest that you look at probed on its own, first, and then look to the rest of the phrase.]

    4. Form discusses the style, appearance, format. Way discusses the method, technique, procedure.


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