I need somebody to tell me if my letter is correct or not. I mean the vocabulary and the english phrases. Thank you

Dear Mrs ...

While I was in the University of Panthéon-Assas to learn more about the functioning of the university, I have learnt of your course “Civilization and Common law”. I would like to be an applicant for it.

I am a student in first year of law and I would like to complete this formation by doing a specialization in the common law. It will later permit me to turn towards a European or international juridical career. Indeed I would like to work as a judge in the European Court of Justice.

To succeed in that way, I chose to do law at university until I pass the second year of master. Nevertheless the knowledge of one or two other systems of European jurisdiction is indispensable. I need to acquire the important English legal terms and concepts that will be required for my studies and my future career in law. If I am a registered student in the University of Panthéon Assas it’s also because I am interested in the ERASMUS program in the third year of license. This program could be a good experience before working in an English speaking country. And as I read it in your brochure, the course “Civilization and Common law” is a good preparation for this student mobility program.

I am confident that my current level in English is suitable to follow this course. As a matter of fact I passed the first certificate of English from the University of Cambridge (FCE) and my mark in English at the baccalaureate was 17. Moreover, I often do advanced training courses of more than three weeks per year in English speaking countries such as Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to be chosen for this course and I hope I have demonstrated my motivation about my professional project.

Yours sincerely