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    Hi All,

    Kindly confirm whether the following sentences are right or not

    Sentence: 1

    Dont worry, i will not leave you holding the baby.

    Sentence: 2

    Fault is issued to the engineer.



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    Re: Clarifications

    It would help if you also explained what you want to convey with each sentence. The first is correct (although Don't should have an apostrophe and I should be capitalized) but if you mean, you won't leave them getting caught with the responsibity or blame for some act, then the idiom is "left holding the bag" rather than "baby." However, if you are actually talking about an infant, then this sentence is properly constructed.

    The second sentence doesn't make sense yet. What are you trying to say here? Is someone trying to blame someone for something? Explain it a bit more and we can help with that sentence. So much of how a sentence reads is determined by its context (that is, we need more background).

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    Re: Clarifications


    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    About the second sentence:

    The second sentence is something related to my office work. I will explain to you in detail

    For example: If customer reports the call centre and raise a fault on the telephone and after some time if the same customer call us, we will update the customer that "Fault is issued(allocated) to the Technical person or Engineer", if fault is allocated to the engineer.

    My clarification is sentence "Fault is allocated to theTechnical person or Engineer" right or not?

    If the fault allocated to the technical person yesterday and customer called in for update, is the above sentence makes sense (Fault is allocated to the Technical person) right gramatically.

    Hope i have given clear explanation

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    Re: Clarifications

    It is clearer if you state "This fault " or "The fault".

    This fault has been allocated to an engineer.

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