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    Hello teachers,

    Could you please proofread these sentences for me.
    Please advise on the usage of the term and please tell if it's common or not.

    1. I can't believe I've blundered in today's exam
    2. I wonder if it was my blunder that got him into this.
    3. She has made a huge blunder by spilling that out in front of him
    4. You have to cease from blundering in your work or else you'll have to sack up someday.
    5. Everyone blunders and it's normal, so don't make a fuss out of it.
    6. I did a blunder this morning and that led us to a row.

    Thanks in advance for your efforts.

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    Re: blunder

    Could you perhaps first tell us what you understand the word to mean?

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    Re: blunder

    Example 4 uses blunder correctly, but the sacking up someday part does confuse me.
    Example 6 uses blunder as a noun. This is correct, but it still sounds odd. You could say, "That was a blunder if I ever saw one!" but to say "I did a blunder" is very unusual. Try using it (still as a noun) like this: "My blunder caused...." For that matter, Example 3 might sound more usual if it was "She really blundered by spilling that out...."

    Blunder is not that commonly used, in fact. Mistake, goof, error, even screw-up are all much more common idomatically.

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