Giving without recognition
At the very heart of every man and woman lie the power of compassion and the honest answer to the difficult question we face everyday, why one should give without recognition. Why one should give at all even? Can anyone give without expecting anything in return? In an assay to answer this fundamental question let’s look at giving from a different perspective. Giving is an act of nature; it is wrapped with joy and often unveils the pure beauty of a human being in front of his own creator. Giving from oneself is better than giving from a person possession.
How does nature give it all without recognition? A tree gives away its fruits to make room for its own growth. A tree is actually in need of this action to continue living otherwise the tree will perish. Trees need pruning so their branches will rejuvenate and their roots will cling in the depth of earth and spread out until its tip reaches higher and higher in the sky. Seeds fall into the ground and die to create more grain underneath the face of the earth and the grain start blossoming from beneath the surface in the beautiful month of April the month of harvest. A mother gives birth to a child creating life from life without recognition. She does that because it is natural. Human beings shall give so they can blossom and rejuvenate and feel joy in their hearts.
Giving can bring joy if the act is done without the desire for recognition. Jesus Christ said: “When you give with your right hand do not let your left know what you have done”. When a beggar stops you for food or some change to go on with his day, do not ask if he deserves it. It is not for you to judge his attitude on work; give without asking, do so with joy. The beggar is actually helping you finding joy in your heart. “It is much better to give than to receive” (Jesus Christ). In his prophet book Gibran khalil Gibran wrote “There are those who give little from the much which they have and they give it for recognition and their hidden desire makes their gifts unwholesome. And there are those who have little and give it all”.
Even if one does not have anything to give, a person can always give from himself. Giving from oneself is much better than giving from a person possession. A person gives from himself when he can forgive the person who trespassed against him. When a person shows patience and compassion and helps others in their dire moments without letting his act to be known for recognition. When one helps someone in needs one is giving from himself from his own time.
Even if we live in a materialistic world and the scale of well being is measured against how much money one makes. There should still be room for compassion in our heart. Remember to give so you can blossom.