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    Question over their heads

    HELP! I've been given a textbook that may be too much for some of the students to handle.
    I’ve taught before, but the situation was not the same. Sure, I had accelerated students and “laggers” in the same class, but they were all within acceptable levels as a class. (5th grade). I now find myself with such a diverse proficiency level, I’m starting to think about a 75/25% rule. I know that 25% are probably over qualified: 50% need the help I can give; 25% seem to be “in over their heads”. How do I keep the 25%-ers interested, while helping the 50%-ers and not allow the bottom 1/4th slip further behind? I can’t find a happy medium for the ends of the Bell curve.

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    Re: over their heads

    Do you have to stick rigorously to the book? Can you take in extension work to keep the more advanced students happy? If so, you could get them into groups doing different stuff. Does the room lend itself to flexible arrangements?

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