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    Looking for definition...

    Trying to find a definition for the idiom "bastard stepchild." It's clear this term is used in ways that stretch the literal definitions of the words. All I've been able to find on the web so far is an example under "stepchild" that wasn't much help (and seemed rather odd-- found on the site):

    "This newest bastard stepchild from the unholy matrimony of Daimler Benz and Chrysler just plain looks like ass."



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    Re: Looking for definition...

    I hadn't heard of this as a common idiom until now. I Googled it and find there is even a rock band of that name.

    I think the writer was just trying to be very emphatic that he didn't consider the subject (whatever it is? A new model car? A concept?) to be legitimate. He questions even the legality of the alliance between Daimler and Chrysler (the unholy matrimony he calls it).

    I wonder what it is that the writer detests so much? That might help explain the meaning here. If it was the product of one, or the other, of the Daimler/Chrysler alliance, then it would be a stepchild of the other; and since the writer has declared the alliance to be "unholy," then the additional assignation of bastard is applied.

    But being an idiom, it probably doesn't bear literal translation. I just must mean something the writer does not approve of, in the strongest terms.
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