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Thread: decent bunch

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    decent bunch

    The following sentences are very confusing. Can you help me to understand it?
    ( the writer is talking his experience of go on a climbing mission with the army)

    They( the army) seemed a decent bunch and didn't appear too fit. Looks can be deceptive. After a few day's walking to acclimatize to the altitude I was exhausted.

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    Re: decent bunch

    A decent bunch - a nice group of people. Friendly.
    didn't appear too fit - they didn't look like they were in good physical condition; perhaps they might not even be able to complete the climb.
    Looks can be deceptive - but, I recognize, you can't always be certain about that (about their physical condition, in this case) just by looking at them. They might be more fit (in better physical shape) than they appear to be!

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