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    What is "Home Depot"?


    I was reading a novel, and there are some sentences that i don't understand.

    "We spread my father's ashes in the ocean, but I kept some for later. My brother and I recently sprinkled the rest throughout the Home Depot."

    I google "the Home Depot", and i know it's a home improvement warehouse store, but I don't understand why he wanted to sprinkled the ashes throughout the store. Is that a metaphor or something?

    thanks a lot

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    Re: What is "Home Depot"?

    Without context it is very difficult to say whether the author meant this store, or had another meaning in mind. What is the novel?

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    Re: What is "Home Depot"?

    Home Depot is what is called a "big box" hardware/home improvement store. (Big Box because the stores are huge and sell everything from hammers to window shades to linoleum tile to carpeting to plumbing supplies to paint, etc.)

    It sounds like the father was an avid home handyman (like Tim Taylor on TV's Home Improvement) and his kids spread his ashes at the Home Depot as a combination inside family joke/tribute to Dad.


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