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    Question I am prepared to consider any proposal seriously...?

    Why head hunters ask for the salary expected? I know that they need to match all things between candidates and employer but sometimes the position is so interesting that I would consider any proposal. I tried in past to say something but I never met the head hunter.

    Answering this question: What salary would you be looking for?

    I would write something like this:

    Dear xxx

    I so interested to looking for a new challenge that I am prepared to consider any proposal seriously in line with the responsibilities given. I would not like to renounce to any opportunity for a salary mismatch.

    What do you reckon?

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    Re: I am prepared to consider any proposal seriously...?

    Employers do not like taking on people whose qualifications exceed the level of job requirements and salary offered. They believe that over-qualification can be as bad as under qualification.

    Your approach would be better along the lines of": "I am prepared to take a drop in salary as the opportunities for learning offered by this position are so exceptional."

    A head-hunter is technically an agent who seeks out particular potential high level employees to fit into a specific position. You seem to be dealing with an employment agency, which is somewhat different.

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    Re: I am prepared to consider any proposal seriously...?

    You can also say "open for negotiations on salary range."

    I would not low-ball yourself when speaking about salary range. Most headhunters are concerned that you might require too much, so the willingness to negotiate can be attractive to the employer.

    Also, don't be afraid to establish a salary range for any job that might be offered to you. Your headhunter should field this question from both you AND the employer - a kind of pre-screening on both sides, so neither of you will waste time and energy.

    That "expectd salary" question is so bothersome!!

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