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    hello Teacher, my question concern a probleme that i meet when i try to explain in english in a conversation (Orale speaking), but when i exprime by writing i do better.
    please if you have some suggestion to make me speak well, let me know about.
    with all my best regards

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    Re: Advice

    Practice, of course, will always be the best answer. But one way that helped me learn Spanish was by singing. And (as I misspelled singing as signing just then), I am reminded that was also the best way I learned ASL, or sign language (for the hearing impaired).

    Singing helps with the rhythm of the text, as well as implanting certain turns of phrase into your brain in a different way than simply repeating an oral exercise.

    I have to admit, I did a lot better singing in sign language than I did in Spanish, however. At least, I am sure it offended fewer listeners!

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