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    I need to know the rules about the use of Me and I. for example:

    Between you and me / or between you and I

    Also the difference between object pronouns and subject pronouns.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Grammar

    Ah! Something a LOT of native English speakers need to learn! Thank you for asking!

    After a preposition (between is a preposition) you use the me/him/her/them case. ALWAYS. It is all about HIM and ME. Please come and talk to HER AND ME.

    I have tried to pound this into the thick heads of my own children by saying "leave HER out of it. Now say it again: Please talk to I or Please talk to ME? They agree that it's me they should use, then go right on saying, "It was because of him and I." WRONG.

    I am sure you are much more clever than my kids!

    PS: Also please remember to be modest. Put yourself last in the list. It's all about you and him and her and me. Not It's all about me and you and them.

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