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    a class of unimpeachable properties

    The company has step in to experience a grand lifestyle set in an equally grand setting, with comprehensive infrastructural facilities that are thoughtfully designed, professionally managed and impeccably maintained.

    Your world spreads across Queensland, Australia, dominated by the timeless blend of nature,fresh air and a class of unimpeachable properties. In short, its the world in a village thoughtfully located to provide you lifestyle and nature in Australia.

    Please explain the emboldened parts to me.

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    Re: a class of unimpeachable properties

    It's either not very literate, or inaccurately transcribed. It's also full of the gushing and grandiloquent prose typical of estate agents. I'm not surprised that you found the emboldened phrase confusing. The reader is not supposed to understand, he's supposed to buy the properties (bits of land, probably developed in some way, at least on an architect's hard-drive). They're selling not houses but dreams*. 'Unimpeachable' means more or less the same as 'impeccable', but in this case it seems to mean no more than 'jolly nice [and well worth paying a lot for - a bit more than you can afford, of course]'.


    PS *In that context, it would have been appropriate to mention , but that sort of reference is a bit too literary for these people.
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