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    hello teachers,
    I've some questions regarding the term.

    1. Is it correct to say 'Avon is a cosmetic multinational' -as an adjectif
    2. what about 'She works in the cosmetic industry for l'Oreal'
    3. what is the difference between cosmetic and cosmetics?


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    Re: (cosmetic)s

    cosmetic is usually an adjective.
    cosmetics is always a noun. It can be used in the singular, in specific instances: Lipstick is a cosmetic.

    Since cosmetics can be used in the singular and still be a noun, then either "the cosmetic industry" or the "cosmetics industry" is accurate, although the latter is probably preferred, as we're not speaking of a singular lipstick industry here.

    I don't think we want to use "cosmetic" as an adjective here, as that would mean we are describing the industry as serving to beautify or as superficial. So it seems a compound noun works better.

    I try to think of substitute situations to determine what is right and wrong. In this case, I thought of the sheep industry. Sheep is a plural or singular noun. The adjective is sheepish, or sheeplike. You wouldn't say the industry is a sheepish industry. Nor is their product a woolen industry.

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    Re: (cosmetic)s

    If you are talking about the industry, you should use the word cosmetics.
    She works in the cosmetics industry.

    Cosmetic as a noun would refer to a particular beautifying agent. "Eye shadow is her favorite cosmetic." As an adjective it means for the purpose of beautifying. "She is going to have cosmetic surgery." "The new models have had only cosmetic changes; on the inside they are the same as the old models."

    This is similar to the usage of the words electronic and electronics:

    An electronics salesperson is someone who sells computers, televisions, stereos and similar products.

    An electronic salesperson is a robot.

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