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    Question How to start English Language Speak/ Learn

    Dear all

    I am start to reading English Language but I have no idea in this field.
    Please help to me for upgrade my english langage skill.

    I am waiting for you comment.

    DG Nepal

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    Re: How to start English Language Speak/ Learn

    Dear deepakgaire,
    your options could be:
    1. buy a book for beginners (with cd's or tapes) and a picture dictionary. You can study at home or library by yourself at first;
    2. Sign up for a course on -line, in school, or via mail.
    3. Find a private tutor.
    Also - very important: watch tv, video tapes with mini lessons applied to a real life situations (if you can get them), movies, and try to find friends who speak English (talk face-to-face or on-line (chatting could be too difficult because of the informal use of English and slang)). Reading helps as well. You can pick something that matches your interests, so it would be more exciting and maybe easier to guess the meanings of the words. Aide yourself with a dictionary and make a list of new words. You could also start from writing the most common verbs and nouns.
    Good luck! You have made the first step - you reached out!

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    Re: How to start English Language Speak/ Learn

    How often do you get the chance to use your English?

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