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    Mount Everest

    Please help me understand the following in bold.

    Sir Edmund Hillary failed in several of his early attempts and on one occasion left five associates dead on the side of Mount Everest. Parliament wanted to recognize these valiant efforts, so they invited Hillary into their chambers. They even placed a picture of Mount Everest at the front of the room. When Hillary entered the room, Parliament rose as one to give him a a standing ovation...... Hillary walked to the front of the room, looked at the picture, and shouted, "You beat me this time, but you are as big as you will ever be..... and I am still growing!:

    Is this saying "it's true you (Mount Everest) are big, and you will always be big forever. However, you can never grow, but I'm still growing"?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Mount Everest


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