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    On business/for business

    Dear Teachers

    We say "I'm here on business." and not "I'm here for business." But which preposition would you use for "I'm going to London _____ business.", on and for?

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    Re: On business/for business

    But which preposition would you use for "I'm going to London _____ business.", on and for?''


    "I bought a new suit for business purposes." means that I mainly intend to wear the suit to work. It would not be the kind of suit I would normally wear in my private life. Business suits are usually grey, black, or navy with very little pattern/design other than perhaps a faint stripe. In one's private life, and going out at night, one might wear a sports coat which could have a check design, and have a number of colours.

    I had to take time off work for personal reasons.

    On my Income Tax Return, I would claim the cost of renting a car when I was in some town on business, as a deduction because "I rented the car for business purposes." That is, I needed the car to drive to the places where I was discussing business deals, rather than for personal sightseeing, like a tourist.

    If you go to the States, the Immigration Officer will ask you, "Is the purpose of your trip business or pleasure?"

    A businessman might reply, " I'm here on business."

    A tourist would reply, "Pleasure", short for 'I'm here for pleasure."
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