please help me.. with this letter...

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about biased and inaccurate portryal of stundents,in the article etitled "It's a student's life" writed by James Faraday.Following a discussion of the article in our class, i have been chosen to express our disagreement with this article.
First of all the students don't live odd other people's money.Their Parents work to give them money to follow an university.Furthermore there are stundets that work at part-time jobs while studyin and they pass the exams successfully.
Secondly some of the students don't have "life of luxury" and they have financial problems.This is a kind ok stress,the stress of money.Sometimes the halls look miserable and the tax is too big.What is more there are students who have difficulty finding acomodation.
I would like also to point out that the students can contribue to society after graduation in all the domains like:science,residents,protect the nature etc.
To conclude, we found your article to be extremely inaccurate in its assessment of student's life.We look forward to redress the balance by printing a positive article about students.

Yours faithfully,

Oancea Eliza