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    Question Holding thumbs

    I've heard the phrase "I'm holding thumbs" somewhere, a long time ago, and I've been thinking for all these years that it was an idiomatic form that meant "I keep my finger crossed" or "Touch wood", but my girlfriend who is from USA has never heard it. Does anyone know if this is a local form/slang, maybe from South Africa or some other place? Another possibility is that my English was so poor when I heard that sentence that I didn't understand the context and it was only a situation joke. I really hope someone will solve this little mystery that is puzzling me. Actually, I find the idea of holding thumbs quite ridiculous, but idioms are often very bizarre...

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    Re: Holding thumbs

    [I'm not a teacher]

    : What is the origin of the phrase, "Holding my thumbs for you."
    The German eqivalent of 'crossing my fingers', ie wishing someone good fortune, is 'Daumen drueken' - holding thumbs.
    Re: "Holding my thumbs for you."

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