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    What does footenote mean?

    I read an article about G1, google phone. An expert commented on it. I don't understand him.

    Engadget: ďThe G1 isnít going to blow anyoneís mind right out of the gate. Looking only at the hardware, thereís nothing here thatís particularly impressive, yet nothing thatís particularly bad (though the GPS needs some work). Itís a fine, solidly designed device that has enough style to please most users ó but it wonít win a ton of beauty pageants. Think of it this way: if it were running Windows Mobile, itíd be a footnote in HTCís history. At the end of the day, however, this isnít about the hardware, and really never was. The story here is Android and what it promisesÖ though doesnít necessarily deliver on at first. Like any paradigm shift, itís going to take time.Ē

    What does "footnote in HTC's history" mean? I know HTC is a compay that makes G1.

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    Re: What does footenote mean?

    A footnote, properly, is an annotation in the text, with a small superscript number, directing your attention to a comment or note or reference at the bottom of that page, or at the end of the chapter or book.

    Therefore, a footnote is a secondary piece of information, generally not essential to the main sense / thrust / point of the text.

    A "footnote in history" means a minor event that will only be remembered by trivia buffs and academics. Had it not been for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, his vice president, Andrew Johnson, might have been a footnote in history.


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