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    What does " application" mean in this context? I look it up in the dictionary, but I still do not understand what it means in this context? I was wondering if someone could have a look for me.

    Thanks for your help.

    Professor: Biology is considered one of the natural sciences. It is the science of life and life's processes. ... ... This course has something for all of you to discover. If you're a biology major or a premedical student, you'll discover ways to become a better scientist. If you're a physical science or engineering major, you'll discover in biology many applications for what you've learned in your other science courses. And if you're a nonscience major, you've chosen a course in which you can sample many disciplines of discovery.

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    Re: application

    Maybe I didn't get your point right, but 'applications' here means nothing else than subjects, themes, or topics you might want to tackle, because you have the required capabilities to do so.

    To put it very simple, "you'll discover" matters "in Biology", where your knowledge, as a "physical science or engineering major" might turn out useful. That is, where you can apply your knowledge and abilities (obtained in the science courses).

    to apply - > application

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